SBCGlobal Email Login

Find out all the details you need to know about the SBCGlobal email account, ATT.net email, and SBCGlobal Email Login, such as how to change the password and other settings. Also, get all the information on how to quickly sign into your SBCGlobal email account.

What is SBCGlobal.net Email?

SBCGlobal email is a webmail service developed by Southwestern Bell Corporation, and this email service works as a subsidiary of AT&T, hence resulting in the migration of all the email accounts to AT&T Yahoo! Service. However, SBCGlobal email addresses continue to function normally and getting all the necessary support.

How Do I Sign Up For SBCGlobal Email Account?

Since http://www.sbcglobal.net is no longer available, you will have to go to a different page for signing up on SBCGlobal email. Back in the day, emails used to re-direct to many different webpages such as http://att.yahoo.com, http://my.att.net, http://sbcglobal.prodigy.com, but it is not possible to access SBCGlobal Email Login page through this way.

The series of integrations and migrations have prohibited users from creating a new email address with @sbcglobal.net suffix. You will have to create AT&T Email Address or Yahoo! address.

To sign up for an AT&T email address, go to the following page:


As you open this page, click on the ‘Mail’ option, which you can on the top-right corner of the screen. Once found, select the ‘Create AT&T Account’ option that is given under the ATT email login form.

The signing up process begins with entering the zip code and wireless number in their respective fields followed by clicking on the ‘Continue’ button. As you do so, a confirmation code will come on your wireless number, which you need to enter in the correct box on the sign-up page. After that, follow the instructions to register for a new email account.

Right now, you are allowed to use two email suffixes, which are @att.net and @currently.com.

If you are specifically looking to create a Yahoo! Mail account with @yahoo.com suffix, then you can do it by going to Yahoo! sign up page, which happens to be this – https://login.yahoo.com/account/create

As the webpage opens, you will have to enter your name, the email address that you wish to have, and a password for it. There will be a few other details as well, which you will have to fill. Once you enter all the information, click ‘Continue’ to complete the process.

Merger Of ATT.net and Yahoo! Mail Account

Before 2017, users can easily access their AT&T email on Yahoo! platform and vice-versa. They had a combined inbox where they could see emails they received in both of their email accounts. They could also use the same login details to access their email accounts. All that changed in 2017 when the services separated and causing merged accounts to unmerge, thus letting users have separate ATT email and Yahoo! Mail login. After 2017, it wasn’t possible to use AT&T credentials to log in to Yahoo! Mail.

How To Login to My SBCGlobal Email Account?

Here is how you can log in to SBCGlobal net:

  1. You must be able to access the SBCGlobal email login page if you want to log into the SBCGlobal Email account, which AT&T offers now. Here is the link that you can use to login to the email account – https://digitallocker.att.net.
  1. Open this page and then, enter your login details in the correct field followed by clicking on the ‘Sign in’ button.
  1. Click on the ‘Keep me signed in’ option, if you are using a personal computer instead of a shared one.
  1. On this login page, you can access SBCGlobal email with plenty of suffixes, which include the following.
  • @sbcglobal.net
  • @att.net
  • @bellsouth.net
  • @wans.net
  • @swbell.net
  • @nvbell.net
  • @prodigy.net
  • @pacbell.net
  • @currently.com
  • @ameritech.net
  • @snet.net
  • @flash.net

Why Am I Unable To Sign In to My SBCGlobal Email Account?

While it is easy to sign into SBCGlobal email account, but many users encounter issues when doing the same. Fortunately, the majority of these problems have solutions, but the problem comes in determining the cause of problems.

Before you try any solution, make sure to check if you are accessing the correct URL, i.e., https://digitallocker.att.net

Also check the internet connection, if it is working properly or not. You can check that by refreshing the webpage or opening any other website. If you come across any problem loading webpages, then the problem is with your internet connection instead of the AT&T email service.

If you’re sure you are on the correct login page and have a properly working internet connection, yet not able to log in, then you should check your login credentials, if those are correct or not. Typos are very common, so make sure you have not made any typing mistakes. Passwords are often case sensitive, so keep it in mind before entering the password for your SBCGlobal email.

If you think that the AT&T email server is not working, then you can check that by going to the following link:


In case, the webpage is working fine, yet you are facing problems, then you can use ‘Incognito’ mode to log into your SBCGlobal email. Or, you can clear cache, cookies, and history on your web browser, as most often than not, these are the reason why websites cease to work. You can use a different web browser from what you are using. If that also doesn’t work, then you should use a different device.

In case, you are using an ad-blocker plugin on your web browser, make sure to disable it or add ATT.net in the exceptions list, as ad-blockers usually interfere with the login processes.

How Can I Reset My SBCGlobal Email Password?

Are you not able to log into your email due to a password problem? Have you forgotten the password of your SBCGlobal email? If yes, then you can reset it by going to https://digitallocker.att.net link.

As the page loads, click the option labeled as ‘Forgot Password?’ and then going through the on-screen instructions. You will have to provide your User ID along with some other personal details to verify your identity. After doing that, click on the ‘Continue’ button and then, follow the instructions to reset the password and get the control of your email account again.

How To Recover Forgotten SBCGlobal Email ID?

Many users forget their User ID, which is used to log into the email account. To recover the User ID, an email will be sent to the recovery email address, so make sure you have given a recovery email address during sign up process. If you have, then here is the process that you need to follow. Go to the SBCGlobal email login page, which is, https://digitallocker.att.net/. As the page loads, click the link that says ‘Forgot User ID?’ followed by entering your recovery email address in the field provided. Once added, you will click on the ‘Continue’ button. As you do so, you will get a new email on your recovery email address, which will have your User ID. If you can’t find that email in your inbox, check the Spam or junk email folder.

Where To Contact For Problems Related To SBCGlobal Email?

While most problems befalling SBCGlobal email can be resolved by following aforementioned information, but there are still many for which you may have to get in touch with SBCGlobal email official support. Contact SBCGlobal email helpline number 800.288.2020 for any problem that you encounter during sign up, login or any other process.

You can also reach us via our social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Twitter – https://twitter.com/att

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ATT

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/att/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/company/att/

For most common SBCGlobal email/ATT email related issues, you can check out this page – https://www.att.com/support/article/email-support/KM1044974. Can’t find the solution to your problem, you should call at the official support number.